Our Mission

Before the company was founded has set a mission: "become a credible and reliable laser treatment center" This slogan while seemingly simple, but if you want to achieve and fulfill, it is absolutely necessary to concentrate fully implemented and keep our determination and confidence.


  • Provide a public price list: we use of public online price list, so that customers can check the treatment prices and details on our website anytime.
  • We set a 50% off treatment trial: Is to let the customer's feel and see our environment, services and treatment effectiveness before making their decision.
  • Take a picture: We take a picture before and after the treatment to let the customer review their skin improvement process
  • Transparancy: Disclosing our treatment device details to customers to learn more about the device quality and treatment effects.

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    What percentage of customers agree with us?

    Not hardsell 98%
    Patient and professional answers 97%
    Recommend to friends96%
    Gracious & professional98%

    How we can do it?

    How CLEAN SKINCARE become reliable:

  • Due to the different circumstances of each customer, the required number of treatment are also different, so our center set three times as a set of treatmet is hoping after the treatment process finished, give customers the flexibility to choose to whether continued or not.

  • All our laser therapist had international accreditation professional certificates and others certificates recognized by the Government of Hong Kong, so that customers receive a professional, safe and careful care from our therapist.

  • Committed to using natural ingredients and organic skin care products, so customer absorb natural and organic ingredients, peace of mind to accept their treatment.

  • We will continue to implement the above commitments, we also will sincerely and carefully treat our each customer and keep analyzing their skin condition, so that customers' skin will keep improving! If you have more comments to help us enhance the quality of service, please don’t hesitate to Contact UsThank you very much

    Device Introduction

    The quality and safety of treatment device is an indispensable factor for customers

    CLEAN SKINCARE has been required that the devices must be certified by relevant safety agencies (such as FDA, KFDA, CE, etc.) before it is selected to perform treatment for customers, because research, experiment and approval are required to obtain the above certification to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the equipment .

    In addition, our laser therapists have obtained relevant certifications to ensure the safety and stability of the device operation. In addition, the company will also have an internal training so that each therapists can have a deeper understanding of the skin structure and treatment details.

    CLEAN SKINCARE will make every effort to take care of your skin in order to ensure that every customer can get back the natural skin

    The advantage of Q-switched Nd: YAG 532nm - 1064nm laser is less heat energy, secure and stable, this device can release a high energy in 10 nanosecond (that is billionth second) to crushed melanin pigmentation and effectively minimize the damage to the skin, at this rate of skin damage is minimal because to cause thermal injury to the skin will need 1 millisecond, so the use of Q-switched laser device is now one of very safe and effectively technology to solve the pigmentation problem.*

    In order to ensure stability of the device, the safety and effectiveness of treatment, our manufacturer had applied and obtained the following certifications and identification:

    • KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration)
    • CE (CE marking)
    • ISO13485 (medical equipment management standard)
    • ISO9001 (quality management and quality assurance series of standards)
    • GMP (fully quality management)

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    *Disclaimer: The information on the website of CLEAN SKINCARE is for reference only, and the effect of treatment and the number of times required will vary from person to person.

    CLEAN Skincare's hair remove treatment is carried out using a long pulsed and dual wavelength (Alexandrite 755nm & Nd: YAG 1064nm) laser device. The device is manufactured by a well-known large-scale Korean manufacturer and has been certified by the U. S. FDA and European CE..

    Using dual-wavelength features to proceed the hair remove treatment for different skin types of Asian peoples, because is safer, better effect result, making the hair remove more thoroughly and also makes the treated parts cleaner and whiter.*。

    In terms of treatment, we provide face and/or body hair remove treatment such as: half-face hair remove, full face hair remove, lip hair remove, neck hair remove, back hair remove, chest hair remove, underarm hair remove, arm hair remove, abdomen hair remove, lower abdomen hair remove, bikini hair remove, buttocks hair remove, whole leg hair remove, thigh hair remove, lower leg hair remove, etc. *

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    *Disclaimer: The information on the website of CLEAN SKINCARE is for reference only, and the effect of treatment and the number of times required will vary from person to person.

    RF (Radio Frequency) is one of Electric current, just like as radio, microwave, X-Ray, etc., and RF is relatively "low" frequency but "long" wavelength electromagnetic waves, so that's why RF has a lot stronger penetration than the light (physical principle: longer wavelength = stronger penetration), and in March 1999 was approved by FDA that radio frequency technology can be used in beauty industry. *

    And CLEAN SKINCARE Nano-Fractional RF device has received FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and CE (CE marking) certification and accreditation to ensure device safety level. The technology is a combination of fractional RF technology and SmartScan technology to the average distribution of energy in the forefront of the needle and that can help heat (about 50 - 60∘) penetrate deep into the skin (subcutaneous fat layer) to stimulate our body collagens, then our collagens can rapid proliferation in multiples to achieve repair the sunken skin.*

    And due to the fine needle end, the constituted trauma will be a lot smaller than traditional dermabrasion and fractional laser treatment, therefore will reduce the opportunity of post-inflammatory pigmentation produced after treatment, recovery speed is also faster, just 1-3 days could return to normal conditions. Also due to the high heat and deep penetration, so it would help a lot for the skin repair and sunken skin repair, such as larges pores, traumatic scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. *

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    *Disclaimer: The information on the website of CLEAN SKINCARE is for reference only, and the effect of treatment and the number of times required will vary from person to person.