Hair remove laser treatment FAQ

If you want to make the laser hair removal treatment effect better and faster, you might interest to take a look the articles. We will share the most frequent asked question for hair removal in below!

Why CLEAN SKINCARE hair removal laser device have two wavelengths (755NM / 1064NM)?

  • Because in the research shows that Asians have more skin color scale, so in order to have a safer and more effective treatment, that’s why we chose a long pulsed and dual wavelength (Alexandrite 755nm & Nd: YAG 1064nm) laser device. Base on the customers' skin tone and hair thickness and color concentration, then to decided whether use 755nm or 1064nm wavelength. For example, lighter skin tone will use 755nm wavelength, but darker skin will use 1064nm wavelength. Therefore, according to the skin color and hair condition of the customer then use the appropriate wavelength to proceed the treatment, so that can achieve an effective and fast hair removal effect.

  • How many times of treatment do I need to remove my hair?

  • After about 4 to 6 laser hair removal treatments, most of the hair on this part can be removed.

  • Is there a permanent hair removal?

  • Regarding laser permanent hair removal, according to the US FDA certification description, it states that "permanent hair reduction " instead of "permanent hair removal" and the FDA has also stated cannot use the term of permanent hair removal as a sales indicator, so it can only be said that 90% of the hair can permanently "reduced" to growth. And all studies have a time limit, means they will follow-up and check the effect of the treatment after 6, 9, 12 or more months to see how many % are reduced. Therefore the conclusion is that the laser treatments will effectively 90% make hair "permanently" reduce growing, but a small percentage that the thin and small hair will grow again.

  • Is it painful to do a bikini laser hair removal treatment?

  • CLEAN SKINCARE's laser hair removal equipment has a freezing system, so the pain during the bikini laser hair removal treatment has been minimized, but even so, I understand that each customer has different acceptance levels, so there is a spot test before the treatment, the test shots is on other parts of the skin, so the customer will experience the laser hair removal treatment feeling before start the treatment.

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