Frequently Asked Questions about HIFU Facial Treatment

Everyone may have heard about the HIFU facial treatment. But what actually is this treatment? Is it safe and what problem can improve with this treatment? If you are interested in knowing about this treatment, so please continue reading.

What HIFU facial treatment can improve?

  • HIFU is stand for [High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound]. But the technology using in this treatment is different than pregnancy ultrasound, HIFU's main function is to lifting and tightening the sagging skin, then making the appearance younger and firmer.

  • What is the theory of HIFU V facial treatment?

  • The theory of HIFU is through the "focused" sound waves emit to the same location on the face (such as jaw, chin, cheek, etc.) to generate micro-vibrations. Then the temperature of the deep skin will raise to about 60 degrees, so that the fascial layer will shrinks to achieve tightening of the face contours. It is like the an elastic band will shrink when it is heated. And this treatment is safe without any injuring the superficial skin during the treatment, so you can makeup immediately after finishing the treatment without any problem.

  • Should I apply for HIFU facial treatment?

  • Well, if you want to improve your face contours, sagging and / or wrinkle problems, yes, this treatment is suitable for you and you should apply for it.

  • How much is HIFU V facial treatment?

  • In the Hong Kong market, the charge for HIFU treatment is generally counting by shots of Hifu or full face. But we charge by parts (or location such as jaw, chin, cheek, etc.), if you want to check our prices, please feel free to WhatsApp us (Click here).

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