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Actually everyone has their own "Natural Beauty", but with time and living environment, the skin quality gradually declines, so we hope to restore and get back your "Natural Beauty" skin together with you.

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Public price list

We insist to public our prices because we want to keep high transparency of our charges and let customers check anytime anywhere, so as to make everyone feel at ease

Personal follow-up

One of our philosophy is to restore the "Natural skin" with our customers, so we’ll do our best to follow up with each customer on the progress of the treatment effect

Before after picture

We will take photos for customers before and after the treatment, so then the customer can check the progress of the treatment and see the improvement of their skin

Skin analysis

Using advanced skin analysis equipment to accurately identify and find out the skin problems such as: size and location of the pigment, type of pigment, pore deepness, skin texture, etc.

Convinience location

It is conveniently located in Mong Kok district, no matter where you want to go for a date or go home to rest after treatment


We focus on the customer's entire journey during the treatment to ensure that you feel comfortable and satisfied, and our therapists will also have a regularly internal training to enhance and updated their knowledge to ensure that the treatments are safe and effective


aser Laser treatment

Q-switched Nd:YAG 532nm - 1064nm laser device can release the energy within 10 nanoseconds (ie, one billionth of a second) to achieve the function such as pigment removal (such as freckles, hormone spots, etc.), whitening, skin rejuvenation and others*

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air Hair remove treatment

Dual wavelength Alexandrite 755nm & Nd:YAG 1064nm laser hair removal device has obtained the US FDA and European CE certification. In addition, the treatment work with "freezing system technology" to ensure the comfortability during the hair removal treatment*

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arge pore Nano-Fractional RF

The recovering time of Radio frequency treatment is faster than the old laser technology. The skin will recover within 3 days after the treatment from reddish skin to normal skin tone, and the treatment effect has 90%up of customers are satisfied*

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Treatment prices

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