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We believe that as a prerequisite to become a credible and reliable skin care center is necessary to improve and solve different skin problems for every customer, so we stick to choose has been tested and internationally recognized safety treatment device to ensure the safety and efficacy of treatment, and every one of our colleagues have to be trained and tested, then we carefully explain to each customer the causes of the skin problem, treatment process and skin care, and then before treatment will use a professional skin analysis device to analyze customer skin conditions, moisture status and/or pigment distribution on the skin.

Beside to provide an answer for customers questions, we would like also to share all kinds of skin care knowledge to reduce skin problems happening, so we will share different skin care tips in our CLEAN Blog such as a how to reduce freckles, dark circles, others treatment details, skin care before and after Laser treatments, treatments precautions, large pore treatment details and other tips on how to stay young article, if interest please click here to view all.

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CLEAN SKINCARE Laser Treatment Center Treatment Devices

Q-switched Nd: YAG 532nm - 1064nm laser treatments (Laser Facial Treatment), is capable release a high energy in 10 nanosecond (that is billionth second) to reduce damage to the skin and crushed melanin pigmentation problem such as: freckles, sun spots, age spots, melasma, hormonal spots, cafe au lait spots, cheekbones spot, and so on.*

Nano fractional Radio Frequency treatment is using nano fractional RF technology with SmartScan technology to the average distribution of energy in the forefront of the needle and that can help heat penetrate deep into the skin, treatment can solve large pores, reduce scars and wrinkles, reduce eye dark circles and bags.*

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Why should public the prices?

We are convinced that to build trust with customers is necessary to be transparency, honesty and by credit, so we take public our price list, then customers are available check online the details of the treatment, treatments required times and prices, so that customers feel at ease, rest assured, feel irritated.

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*Disclaimer: The information contained in the website of our Centre for reference purposes only. The effects of treatment and the required number of times will vary.