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Our Mission

Before the company was founded has set a mission: "become a credible and reliable laser treatment center" This slogan while seemingly simple, but if you want to achieve and fulfill, it is absolutely necessary to concentrate fully implemented and keep our determination and confidence.


  • Provide a clearer price platform, we use of open-type price list, so that customers can check the treatment prices and details on our website, so that everyone can feel at ease freely choose.
  • We set a 50% off treatment trial to let the customer's understand our environment, services and treatment effectiveness before making their decision.
  • Disclosing our treatment device details and the before and after treatment picture, so that customers can learn more about the device quality and treatment effects.
  • The skincare product or treatment product used during in the treatment will maintain a high transparency, so that customers can always know the source and composition of the product.
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To "become a credible and reliable laser treatment center" is our mission, adhere to "don't" hard sell, and provided an price list, so that customers are free to choose treatments.

CLEAN SKINCARE how to become reliable:

  • Due to the different circumstances of each customer, the required number of treatment are also different, so our center set three times as a treatment, hoping after the treatment process finished, give customers the flexibility to choose to whether continued.
  • Professional team has over 10 years of beauty and laser treatments knowledge and experience, and all our laser specialist had international professional accreditation certificates and others certificates recognized by the Government of Hong Kong, so that customers receive professional, safe and careful care.
  • Our Q-switched Nd: YAG 532nm - 1064 nanometer laser device and fractional RF radio frequency equipment are carefully selected and ensure the supplier has a recognized international certificate (such as FDA, CE, etc.) to ensure the safety and stability of the device, while also ensuring the best treatment effect.*
  • Committed to using natural ingredients and organic skin care products, so customer absorb natural and organic ingredients, peace of mind to accept their treatment.

We will continue to adhere to and implement the above commitments, with sincere and honest to each customer and help to solve their skin problems!

Meanwhile, we also hope to get more comments from you to enhance the quality of our service, we implore you can give us more comments, thank you so much. Click here for a message.

*Disclaimer: The information contained in the website of our Centre for reference purposes only. The effects of treatment and the required number of times will vary.