Can acne marks be removed quickly with laser treatment for acne marks?

  • Laser treatment is generally used to remove pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and increase collagen of the skin. But in fact, using laser to remove acne marks has a very good effect!

  • Normally after the acne disappears, there is a brown or red mark at the skin. It may fade out after a few days, but not always, because the acne marks are also called PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). When the acne begins to inflame, but if not properly treated, the underlying cells of the skin will be damaged and melanin will began to increase then become acne marks, so even if the acne problem is solved, there is no way to remove the acne marks by it self.

  • Since the acne marks are mainly formed by melanin, the same as the pigments, although the formation causes are different, but both problems are formed by melanin, so the laser acne removal treatment can remove acne marks faster and more effectively than other methods.

  • How much is acne mark removal laser treatment?

  • There are a variety of laser treatments on the market, with a treatment ranging from several hundred to nearly ten thousand Hong Kong dollars. Of course, different laser device, laser therapist level and experience will affect the price range. But as a consumer, in addition to considering the price, you must also choose a reputable skincare center to ensure the treatment safety and effeteness.

  • And the price of CLEAN SKINCARE acne mark removal laser treatment is $ 4350/3 times. The reason for setting 3 times as a set of treatments is through clinical experience that the effect after 3 times treatments will be more significant and gives customer the flexibility to decide whether you want to continue or not. In addition, we also show our prices of other treatments on our website too, so that the customer can check the prices anytime, anywhere.

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