Frequently asked questions about laser spotting treatment

There should be many different questions for customers who have not tried the pigment removal laser treatment, so we have selected some of the most popular question to share.

Is it pigment removal laser treatment safe?

  • Lasers have been used in medicine for decades! The technology is already very mature, and whether it is safe or not depends on whether the skincare center that serves you uses reliable and stable laser device, plus whether it is proceed by an experienced laser therapist to serve you.

  • Does laser treatment hurt?

  • Since the laser uses the optical principle to crush the melanin under the skin, there will be no physical pain. During the treatment process, only the heat energy will be felt and the skin will only respond to the micro-spurs.

  • Will the skin get worse after laser spot removal?

  • Definitely not! Because the main purpose of laser treatment is to crush the melanin under the skin and restore the most natural and spotless skin! Therefore the pigment removal laser treatment is brings skin rejuvenation and helps to remove pigments.

  • What should I pay attention to proceed the pigment removal laser treatment?

    Before and after the laser, you must pay attention to the following things:

  • You must ask your skincare center for the manufacturing country and stability of the laser device. Because the laser technology is a very detailed and extremely high-energy instrument, therefore the energy output rate from the device must be stable enough to ensure the safety level and an internationally recognized certificate is to proof the effectiveness and safety of the device.

  • After the laser spot removal treatment, you should do moisturizing facial to cooling down the skin temperature and boost the skin metabolism.

  • After the laser treatment, the skin will be susceptible to sunlight and easily cause pigmentation again, therefore you must avoid direct to sunlight (such as beach sun, hiking, etc.), and use physical sunscreen products all the time

  • After the laser treatment, what I can do to improve the effect?

  • Each treatment must be separated by 3 to 4 weeks, because the energy of the laser will stimulate skin renewal and the skin renewal period is about 21-28 days, if the laser treatment time is too dense, the skin does not have enough time to repair, therefore is recommended to proceed the treatment in every 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Don’t use your hands to scrape when the scab is removed. Be sure to let it fall off naturally to avoid skin inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

  • After the treatment, you must use physical sunscreen to block UVB and UVA, because you must protect the skin from the invasion of ultraviolet rays to avoid the pigmentation reappear.

  • Need to strengthen the skin moisturization, because when the skin moisture is insufficient, the skin self-regeneration and repair function will relatively slow down.

  • Avoid using whitening skincare or peel products, because most of the whitening products have unstable factors and will irritate the skin, also might cause the skin sensitive and dry.

  • How much is laser spot treatment?

  • There are a variety of laser treatments on the market, with a treatment ranging from several hundred to nearly ten thousand Hong Kong dollars. Of course, different laser device, laser therapist level and experience will affect the price range. But as a consumer, in addition to considering the price, you must also choose a reputable skincare center to ensure the treatment safety and effeteness.

  • And the price of CLEAN SKINCARE pigment removal laser treatment is $ 4350/3 times. The reason for setting 3 times as a set of treatments is through clinical experience that the effect after 3 times treatments will be more significant and gives customer the flexibility to decide whether you want to continue or not. In addition, we also show our prices of other treatments on our website too, so that the customer can check the prices anytime, anywhere.

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